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Brand Photography for Happy Creatives

There’s something about stock photos that makes us creative types jump up and down for joy, but sometimes, those free stock photos can only go so far to build our brand and empires.

As we grow our blogs and establish our uniquely recognizable brands, we end up needing So-Many-Images! As a blogger and website owner, you need images for Instagram, Pinterest graphics, Facebook and Twitter Headers, Blog Headers, Side bars, and oh, don’t forget about the actual blog posts too!

That’s a ton of images and exactly why we decided to expand our free stock photo library into the Ivorymix [Shop]!


Did you know that premium stock images in the [Shop] can be matched up with items in the free library for seamless branding solutions?  It's true! 

Each premium stock image in the [Shop] can be bought on their own for $7 , or as part of a larger brand building collection.

Brand Building Collections typically include a total of 5 seamlessly cohesive images for $20 .

Making your brand happy is our top goal!


These premium stock options from the [Shop] allow you the freedom to choose what you need, when you need them, and all for less than the average monthly cost and commitment of a subscription service!

. . . and just like you, that’s pretty sweet.

Go ahead and make the easiest branding decision you'll make today and shop these options below.

Hi, I'm Kayla, Creative Director and Brand Photographer at Ivorymix.

It's my goal to help other creative business owners feel ecstatic with their branding.

 I'm always striving to provide various levels of resources to help creative entrepreneurs have a happy brand, a successful business, and a balanced life.

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